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Piccolomini and Petrarch Museum

The Petrarchesco Piccolomineo Museum houses the collection of illuminated manuscripts, printed books and ancient works of art that Count Domenico Rossetti de Scander bequeathed to the Trieste Public Library in 1842.
Museo petrarchesco piccolomineo
Second only to the foundation set up by Willard Fiske in the nineteenth century at Cornell University Library in Ithaca (NY - USA), the collection is richly endowed with 15th century manuscripts and editions, purchased from Umberto Saba's «Libreria Antiquaria» in the Thirties.

It includes two pairs of wedding chests from the Tuscan School, painted in the second half of the fifteenth century with depictions in Late Gothic style of Petrarch's Triumphs. One of the many fascinating prints shows the impressive Piccolomini family tree.
Among the manuscripts is Petrarch's Lives of Illustrious Men, transcribed in Venice in 1433, and a manuscript of the Triumphs, produced by the humanist Felice Feliciano.
Museo petrarchesco piccolomineo
The museum owns the first editions of Petrarch's Canzoniere and Triumphs, printed by the German, Wendelin of Speyer, in Venice in 1470.

The important manuscript collection includes a letter signed by Enea Silvio and some unique fifteenth century documents, such as the 1477 incunable containing letters by Pius II to cardinals and his family, and the Cologne edition of the secular and pontifical letters, in which Enea Silvio Piccolomini tells of a journey to Germany where he saw for the first time the 42-line Bible printed by Gutenberg using movable type.
Museo petrarchesco piccolomineo (Petrarchesco Piccolomineo Museum)
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