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Risorgimento Museum and Oberdan Memorial

The Fighter's House by Umberto Nordio, built on the site of the Austrian barracks where Guglielmo Oberdan was executed on 20 December 1882, is home to the Risorgimento Museum.
Museo del Risorgimento e Sacrario Oberdan
His Memorial stands alongside the building, with the original cell in which he was imprisoned while awaiting execution and statuary by the sculptor Attilio Selva.

The Risorgimento Museum conserves documents, photographs, uniforms, memorabilia and paintings connected to the events and figures of the Risorgimento, both locally and further afield, from the riots of 1848 to the end of the First World War.
Museo del Risorgimento e Sacrario Oberdan
The museum grew initially around the legacy of the writer and patriot Filippo Zamboni. The majority of exhibited and stored items were acquired through private donations and include the documents, uniforms and belongings of Scipio Slataper (b. Trieste 1888, d. Monte Podgora 1915), the brothers Giani and Carlo Stuparich (b. Trieste 189, d. Rome 1961; b. Trieste-Monte 1894, d. Cengio 1916) and Nazario Sauro (b. Koper 1880, d. Pola 1916).

The large central hall, dedicated to volunteers from Friuli and Dalmatia, contains impressive frescoes by Carlo Sbisà (b. Trieste 1899, d. Trieste 1964), and there is a magnificent picture by Carlo Wostry (b. Trieste 1865, d. Trieste 1943), "Trieste XXX October 1918", on display in the room commemorating the Redemption of Trieste.
Museo del Risorgimento e Sacrario Oberdan (Risorgimento Museum and Oberdan Memorial)
piazza Oberdan - via XXIV Maggio, 4
tel. +39 040 675 40 68 - +39 040 361 675

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