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Sartorio Museum

The eighteenth-century Villa Sartorio, a refined and charming bourgeois home renovated in neoclassic style by Nicolò Pertsch in the second half of the nineteenth century, belonged to the rich Sartorio family of grain merchants until being donated to the city.
Museo Sartorio
 This unique villa has been fully preserved, with furniture and decor that reflect nineteenth century taste and fashion. It has rooms for music making and gambling, ballrooms and hunting rooms, music lounges, libraries, and dining rooms containing tables set with precious silverware and china from Meissen and Vienna. There is also a chapel with religious ornaments, and a large kitchen with original furnishings and copperware.

Don't miss the 254 drawings by Giambattista Tiepolo, one of the world's five most important such collections, acquired by Giuseppe Sartorio in 1893 and  the Histria permanent exhibition of masterpieces (Paolo Veneziano, Alvise Vivarini, Vittore Carpaccio, Giambattista Tiepolo, ecc.) that were stored in Istria for safekeeping during World War II.
Museo Sartorio  (Sartorio Museum)
largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1
tel. +39 040 301479

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