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Homeland History Museum

The Civic Museum of National History in Trieste is a small but interesting museum.
Museo di Storia Patria
Rooms dedicated to the town's history contain paintings and objects that recreate the atmosphere of the Imperial Trieste of Maria Theresa and Joseph II with stunning views of the city, portraits of famous people, silverware, and various artefacts and medals that tell of the rise of a new entrepreneurial middle class that was to transform the city.

Don't miss the collection of Socrates Stavropulos, a Triestine of Greek origin who gave the municipality 150 paintings, sculptures and drawings by various Italian and European artists, dating from ancient times to the 20th century.

The textile room and its rich collection of items from the Civic Museum of History and Art are particularly interesting, with works by Anita Pittoni, the brilliant Trieste textile designer, who was active in the years between the wars.

On the upper floor it is possible to visit the Morpurgo Civic Museum
Museum closure
The Marine Aquarium, the Morpurgo Museum and the Museum of Homeland History will not be open during the summer, as they are affected by imminent redevelopment works
Museo di Storia Patria (Museum of National History)
via Imbriani, 5 - I piano
tel. +39 040 6754039

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