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The soul, the earth, the color

December 29, 2021 - February 20, 2022

An art exhibition with free admission with about ninety works by the Friulian artist, Toni Zanussi; not a simple exhibition but a project-laboratory of social inclusion
The soul, the earth, the color
The initiative is much more than a personal one in which to view the poetic and subtly dreamlike art of Toni Zanussi, because it is also a project-laboratory, conceived by the artist himself, of social inclusion.

The exhibition that Trieste dedicates to Toni Zanussi is in fact part of an exhibition cycle of reviews, each different from the other, focused not only on his creativity, but also on the promotion of this precious and current concept, which saw a first installation in a very smaller in 2020 in Tarcento and that after Trieste it will continue in Munich.

The exhibition at Magazzino 26, curated by the journalist and art critic Marianna Accerboni, is organized by the Municipality of Trieste in collaboration with the Office of Social Service for Minors (USSM) of Trieste, the UDEPE (District Office for External Criminal Enforcement ) of Trieste and with the local Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of personal liberty. There will be six people in the area (adults and minors), some protagonists of illegal conduct, who during the execution of the community measures and sanctions to which they are subject, will offer their contribution to the review, in particular in the dissemination and communication processes of the exhibition as well as in welcoming visitors. The objective of this involvement is to give them back a role of social utility and to favor their reintegration through a positive educational and relational experience in the world of art, demonstrating that art can be a powerful tool for education in legality.