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Verdi Theater Season 2021-2022

from June 2021 to June 2022

A program covering a long period, from June 2021 until July 2022!
Verdi Theater Season 2021-2022
The great works loved by the public, such as "La Traviata", but also the return of the operetta, with "La Vedova Allegra".

And then special events, such as the one dedicated to the victims of the pandemic, and more ballets, concerts with international artists and the start of the opera season with "Amorosa Presenza", the first opera written by Oscar winner Nicola Piovani.

These are just some of the main elements of the 2021-2022 artistic activity of the Teatro Verdi in Trieste. A presentation that marks the restart together with the public and that represents an important commitment for the Foundation, the result of an intense work carried out.