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Symphonic Season Teatro Verdi

September 2019 - May 2020

6 symphonic concerts from September to May
Symphonic Season Teatro Verdi
The Teatro Verdi's 2019/2020 artistic activity opens in September with the symphonic season: six concerts are scheduled to whom be added during the season, the Autumn concert, the two New Year's concerts (matinee and afternoon) and the concert inaugural ceremony of Esof 2020, 5 July.

To emphasize the international value of programming, the opera and ballet season will open on October 25th for the first time in Japan, in Nagoya, with the debut of Giuseppe Verdi's La traviata for the tour that will bring the Orchestra, the Choir and Foundation Technicians in the thirteen major Japanese cities.

For this reason, the symphonic season 2019/2020 will not end in October as usual but will continue throughout the year, alternating the proposals of the opera and ballet season, special events and increasingly Sempre più Verdi da 0 a 100.

4° CONCERTO Conductor: Alexander Anissimov
4° CONCERTO Direttore: Alexander Anissimov 14, 16 Febbraio 2020

Fri 02.14.2020 at 8.30pm
Sun 16.02.2020 at 6.00pm

Anna Tifu

Orchestra della Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste


Modest Petrovič Musorgskij
Ouverture da La chovanščina

Aram Il'ič Khačaturjan
Concerto in re minore in per violino e orchestra


Dmitrij Dmitrevič Šostakovič
Quinta sinfonia in re minore
5° CONCERTO Conductor: Julius Kalmar
5° CONCERTO Direttore: Julius Kalmar 24, 26 Aprile 2020

Fri 24.04.2020 at 8:30pm
Sun 26.04.2020 at 6.00pm

Mariangela Vacatello

Orchestra della Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio e fuga in do minore K. 546

Ludwig van Beethoven
Quarto concerto in sol magg. per pianoforte op. 58


Ludwig van Beethoven
Terza Sinfonia in mi bemolle maggiore op. 55
6° CONCERTO Conductor: Fabrizio Maria Carminati
6° CONCERTO Direttore: Fabrizio Maria Carminati 29, 30 Maggio 2020

Fri 29.05.2020 at 8.30pm
Sat 30.05.2020 at 6.00pm

Ars Trio
Laura Pietrocini, pianoforte
Marco Fiorentini, violino
Valeriano Taddeo, violoncello

Orchestra della Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste


Michele Dall'Ongaro
Freddo per pianoforte, violino, violoncello e orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto in do magg. op. 56 per pianoforte, violino, violoncello e orchestra


Ottorino Respighi
Antiche arie e danze per liuto prima Suite
Impressioni brasiliane