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Miramare castle

Miramare Castle, above the sea, is the first glance that you have coming in Trieste driving along the panoramic coastal road.
Castello di Miramare
This majestic white castle, the beloved home of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg (brother of Emperor Franz Joseph), overlooks the sea and is surrounded by a huge park full of rare and exotic tree species collected by the Archduke himself in his scientific expeditions around the world aboard the frigate Novara.

The Castle was built for Maximilian, who fell in love with the view of the small bay and decided to build his home here, where he lived with his wife Charlotte of Belgium.

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Maximilian and Charlotte were able to enjoy their beautiful castle for only four years or so before leaving for Mexico, where Maximilian was crowned Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, only to be executed by firing squad in 1867.
Legend has it that Charlotte, mad with grief, still wanders in the park calling his name.

Their home, a splendid example of an aristocratic 19th century residence, retains all its original interior furnishings.

The beauty of the castle and the park, together with the sad and romantic story of the young imperial couple, still fascinates tourists all over the world and has made it one of the most visited destinations in Europe.
Museum for free
The Historical Museum of Miramare is pleased to present the special plan of gratuities for 2019/2020.

The big news, in approval of Minister Bonisoli's Mibac decree, will be free entry to the Museum for everyone:

• 6 December for San Niccolò, Santo particularly dear to the city of Trieste.

In addition, every Wednesday from 7 August to 18 December free entry from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

The first Sundays of the month (from October to March)!
Urgent measures for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019 (Coronavirus)
Following the contingent and urgent ordinance of the Ministry of Health signed in agreement with the President of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the measures in place in the Trieste area are indicated until 1st March

- suspension of all manifestations or initiatives of any nature and events in a public or private place, both indoors and open to the public, of a recreational, sporting, religious, cultural nature, night clubs

- Closure of educational services for children and schools of all levels, recreational and PAG

- Suspension of the opening services to the public of museums, libraries and to all other institutes and places of culture

- Suspension of the competition for 12 nursery school teacher positions scheduled for February 25, 2020

- Suspension of the city's Carnival parade scheduled for Tuesday 25 February 2020

A seguito dell'ordinanza contingibile ed urgente del Ministero della Salute firmata d'intesa con il Presidente della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia vengono indicate le misure in atto sul territorio di Trieste

- sospensione di tutte le manifestazioni o iniziative di qualsiasi natura e eventi in luogo pubblico o privato, sia in luogo chiuso che aperto al pubblico, di natura culturale ludico sportiva, religiosa, discoteche locali notturni

- Chiusura dei servizi educativi dell'infanzia e delle scuole di ogni ordine e grado, ricreatori e PAG

- Sospensione dei servizi di apertura al pubblico dei musei, biblioteche e a tutti gli altri istituti e luoghi della cultura

- Sospensione del concorso per 12 posti di insegnante di scuola dell'infanzia previsto per il 25 febbraio 2020

- Sospensione della sfilata del Carnevale cittadino prevista per martedì 25 febbraio 2020
Castello di Miramare - Parco di Miramare
viale Miramare
34151 Trieste
tel. +39 040 224143

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