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Zampolli Ice Cream shop

Bar, coffee shop, but most importantly a historical ice cream shop that the people of Trieste love.
It boasts a wide range of flavours, all fresh and of the highest quality, from the creamy to the fruity ice creams.

Zampolli ice cream shop opens early in the morning for breakfast, coffee and brioches, and during the day it is popular with both locals and tourists in need of an ice cream.

The ice cream work shop produces fresh artisanal ice cream every day, but not only! Ice cream cakes, ice lollies, small ice cream pots, bite-size pastries, smoothies, granitas are all among Zampolli's vast range of products.

There are also flavours with no name, referred to as 1, 2, and 3: different flavours of ice cream that combined create a magical and intense experience for the taste buds!
Gelateria Zampolli
via Ghega 10
tel. +39 040 364 868

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