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Beethoven Library

Not a home. A museum dedicated to the famous German composer.
Not many know that the famous composer visited our part of the world. In Muggia, a little museum, unique in its kind, has a collection of historical anecdotes and interesting objects.

The house of the Carrino family, in Muggia, also known as "Biblioteca beethoveniana (Beethoven Library)", hosts a proper little museum. The collection includes at least 9,000 catalogued objects. Ex libris, medals, stamps, books, magazines, obviously records and scores, all rigorously original, such as the first editions of sonatas number 5 and 9 and the Missa solemnis.

A memorable journey in the life, works and myth of the great composer from Bonn.
This home museum hosts such an important collection that the Director of the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn, Michael Ladenburger, drove all the way from Germany to admire it, and said:

"The Carrino collection in Muggia is one of a kind for both its orientation and its size. It envelops visitors emotionally and aesthetically from new surprising angles". 

Impatto Visivo Trieste produced a documentary by documentarist Marco Calabrese, who decided to tell this story in an interview with the two collectors, Sergio Carrino and his wife Giuliana, leaving plenty of space to their words and the images of the objects in their collection. 

The documentary focusses on some rare objects and celebrates with the Carrinos the most significant moment in the history of their collection: that meeting with the Director of the Beethoven-Haus museum, Michael Ladenburger, when they were invited to show their collection in Bonn.
Beethoven in Muggia
Biblioteca Beethoveniana

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