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Deposito a vista


The Civico Museo del Mare collection at Magazzino 26 at Porto Vecchio
Deposito a vista
More than an exhibition, this is a section of the museum dedicated to Lloyd, an interesting itinerary designed as a visible deposit intended to convey the qualitative and quantitative richness of the fund, a starting point for research and study. 

You will be surrounded by a variety of colours, with a natural predomination of the hues linked to ships: black, red and white, dosed to spell out the story. 

Striking walks made light by the movement of certain details: the oscillation of panels with the waves, the swelling of sails pushed by small air movements. 

In the setting of Magazzino 26 in Porto Vecchio, hub of the Museum Pole and home of the future Museo del Mare, what is set up is not an exhibition, but a section of the museum dedicated to Lloyd. This itinerary is designed as a visible deposit intended to convey the qualitative and quantitative richness of the fund, a starting point for research and study. This permanent itinerary also hopes to prompt further donations.

The set-up accompanies the story with clever use of spaces and pre-existing structures: the large windows become screens for rear projections, the illuminating bodies points of light for the many finds on display. Always mindful of sustainable use, parts of the set-up of the previous exhibitions 'The Sea of Intimacy' and 'Lloyd. The ships of Trieste around the world', mixed and readapted, find a new function in the current itinerary.

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