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Piacevolmente Carso

On Sundays, from 31 May to 21 June

Naturalistische Spaziergänge im Karst
Piacevolmente Carso
Natur, Kultur, Geschichte und Gastronomie vom 31. Mai bis 21. Juni

Karstlandschaft und Ökologie präsentiert von "Nature Curious" Guides mit Live-Lesungen (auf Italienisch) über lokale Natur, Geschichte und Kultur.

Restaurants mit 10% Rabatt Einfache Spaziergänge, lecker und lecker.

Pleasures of the Carso – Spring 2020
4 nature trails on the Carso, and in the city of Trieste
Nature, culture, history and gastronomy

All excursions to comply with the regulations in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

Possibility of discounted meals at affiliated "Sapori del Carso" restaurants


On Sundays: 31 May; 7, 21 June (9.30-13.00)
Sunday 14 June (10.00-12.00)
Meeting time: 20 min before departure, at indicated venue (see GPS & Google Maps)

SUNDAY 31 MAY "Rosandra Valley"
A walk up a rocky gorge offering plenty of history and biodiversity, a stream and a 30 metre waterfall. An ancient trade route, it testifies to the past through the remains of a Roman aqueduct or a little church from the 13th century.
Meeting venue: main square in Bagnoli della Rosandra, bus stop for buses n. 40 and 41 from Trieste.
GPS: 45°36'50.8"N 13°51'30.3"E

SUNDAY 7 JUNE "Timavo river"
Accompanied by a nature guide and a tourist guide, a walk through the woods, meadows, and smoke bushes, to reach the Timavo springs and the old church of San Giovanni in Tuba.
Meeting venue: Villaggio del Pescatore, bus n. 44 stop.
GPS: 45°46'50.0"N 13°35'13.7"E

SUNDAY 14 JUNE "Walk around Trieste" (10-12)
Through the city streets and squares, with a nature guide and a tourist guide to discover the traces of water, streams, remains of aqueducts, and learn how water influenced the city's life and development across the centuries.
Meeting venue: Fountain of Janus, Largo Bonifacio (bottom of Viale XX Settembre, Trieste),
GPS: 45°39'05.3"N 13°46'40.7"E

SUNDAY 21 JUNE "From Basovizza to Monte Spaccato"
Pinewoods, caves, dolinas, meadows in bloom and panoramic views of Trieste. Immersed in nature, with readings about the Carso from Julius Kugy and Scipio Slataper.
Meeting venue: Synchrotron parking lot-bus stop, Basovizza (get off bus n. 39 at the first stop in Basovizza; then walk 10').
GPS: 45°38'43.4"N 13°50'45.2"E
All participants in an excursion will receive a coupon for 2 persons, valid from 31 May to 21 June entitling them to a 10% discount on menus of the following "Sapori del Carso" restaurants

Trattoria - Gostilna OŠTERIJA FERLUGA - Conconello / Ferlugi (TS), Via / Ulica Bellavista 12, tel. 347 1396133 - - Always open; lunches from Fri to Sun only

Trattoria - Gostilna VETO - Opicina / Opcine (TS), Via di Prosecco / Proseška ulica 35, tel. 040 211629, - Closed: Tues

Hotel&Restaurant KRIŽMAN - Repen 76, Monrupino / Repentabor, tel. 040 327115 - Closed: lunchtime Mon, all day Tues

Trattoria - Gostilna GUŠTIN - Sgonico / Zgonik 3/a, tel. 040 229123, - Closed: dinner time Mon and Tue, all day Wed

Trattoria - Gostilna LOKANDA DEVETAK - Savogna d'Isonzo / Sovodnje ob Soči (GO), San Michele del Carso, Vrh sv. Mihaela / Brežiči 22, tel. 0481 882488 - - Closed: all day Mon and Tues, and lunchtime Wed, Thurs, Fri