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Piacevolmente Carso

4, 11, 15 AUGUST, 8 SEPTEMBER (17.30-20.30) 1 SEPTEMBER (9.30-17.00) 15, 22, 29 SEPTEMBER (9.30-12.30)

Nature trails on the Carso around Trieste
Piacevolmente Carso
Nature, culture, history and gastronomy in spring!

Carso environments and ecology presented by "Curiosi di Natura" guides with live readings (in italian) about local nature, history and culture.

Easy walks, suitable for all and possibility of tasting local dishes at typical "Sapori del Carso" restaurants with a 10% discount.

List of excursions and affiliated restaurants (pdf)

CALENDAR summer 2019
4, 11, 15 AUGUST, 8 SEPTEMBER (17.30-20.30)
1 SEPTEMBER (9.30-17.00)
15, 22, 29 SEPTEMBER (9.30-12.30)

Meeting time: 20 min before departure, at indicated venue

4 AUGUST and 15 SEPTEMBER: On Mount Carso
A level walk across the M. Carso and Ocisla plateau. Flowering Carso grasslands, twisted wind-bent juniper bushes and a spectacular view of Val Rosandra, the sea and Istria. Meeting venue: Dolina Cemetery (San Dorligo della Valle); then by car-sharing. Bus n. 41 from Trieste.

11 AUGUST and 22 SEPTERMBER: The WWI Park in Monfalcone
Across the pine forests and meadows, up to the Castle that dominates the plains and the Carso. In the quiet of nature, among the remains of trenches, with live readings about World War I. Meeting venue: Monfalcone Town Hall. Can be reached by bus and train.

Along the Strada Napoleonica at sunset In the woods of the Carso looking out over Trieste at sunset; with views of the sea, the city and its sights. With themed readings, to discover nature, history and culture with new eyes, while walking along one of Trieste's most popular trails. Meeting venue: Opicina Obelisk.
Buses n. 2 and 4 from Trieste.

1 SEPTEMBER: Cerje (Slo) along the Walk of Peace (whole day)
A slow-paced excursion in the Slovenian Karst, amid woods, dolinas and remains from WWI, up to the Tower of Cerje, a museum, monument and memorial. Extensive views from the sea to the Vipava river, with live readings. Lunch at leisure (packed, or at the restaurant). Return to Lokvica via a different route. Meeting venue: trattoria at Devetachi, State Road 55 (Strada del Vallone) to Gorizia (Doberdò del Lago). Then by car to Lokvica.

29 SEPTEMBER: Along the rim of Carso plateau, from Opicina to Trebiciano

A walk through the pine forests, broadleaf woods and dry grasslands, admiring the city laid out below you, as if on a map. With a splendid view of the gulf and Istria. With readings on the life and culture of Trieste of the past. Meeting venue: parking lot at the main junction in Opicina (Trieste). Buses n. 2 and 4 from Trieste.