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Piacevolmente Carso

7, 22, 28 APRIL and 12, 19 MAY (9.30-13) 2 JUNE (9.30-17)

Nature trails on the Carso around Trieste
Piacevolmente Carso
Nature, culture, history and gastronomy in spring!

Carso environments and ecology presented by "Curiosi di Natura" guides with live readings (in italian) about local nature, history and culture.

Easy walks, suitable for all and possibility of tasting local dishes at typical "Sapori del Carso" restaurants with a 10% discount.

List of excursions and affiliated restaurants (pdf)

SUNDAY 7 APRIL "Along the rim of the Carso plateau, from Santa Croce to Trieste"
A scenic walk amid the evergreen holm-oaks, spring flowers and karstic rocks. With a stop at Vedetta Slataper, a lookout tower with views of the Gulf and Miramare Castle. With live readings.
Meeting venue: 9.10, Santa Croce (Trieste), Provincial road n. 1 at the junction for Bristie. Bus n. 44 from Trieste.
GPS: 45°44'05.3"N 13°41'46.2"E

MONDAY 22 APRIL "The Riselce Trail"
Across the karstic grasslands and woods with wild peonies, to one of the most spectacular dolinas of the Trieste Carso, surrounded by sheer vertical walls rising 40 m above the ground.
Meeting venue: 9.10 piazza del Municipio, Sgonico. Bus n. 46.
GPS: 45°44'08.2"N 13°44'49.1"E

SUNDAY 28 APRIL "The WWI Park in Monfalcone"
Across the pine forests and meadows, up to the Castle that dominates the plains and the Carso. In the quiet of nature, among the remains of trenches, with live readings about World War I.
Meeting venue: 9.10, Monfalcone Town Hall. Can be reached by bus and train.
GPS: 45°48'37.0"N 13°31'59.2"E

SUNDAY 12 MAY "From Repen to Rocca di Monrupino"
Through the oak and pine forests, up to the stronghold with its sanctuary and to the Torrioni, spectacular rock towers rising 10 metres above the ground and created by rain erosion. With live readings.
Meeting venue: 9.10, the square in Repen. Bus n. 42 from Trieste.
GPS: 45°43'24.9"N 13°47'30.4"E

SUNDAY 19 MAY "On Mount Carso"
A level walk across the Mount Carso and Ocisla plateau. Flowering Carso grasslands, twisted wind-bent juniper bushes and a spectacular view of Val Rosandra, the sea and Istria.
Meeting venue: 9.10 San Dorligo - Dolina Cemetery (then by car-sharing) Bus n. 41 from Trieste.
GPS: 45°35'58.5"N 13°51'30.6"E

SUNDAY 2 JUNE "From Basovizza to Mount Cocusso"
(whole day: 9.30-17.00)
Slow-paced excursion through the woods, dolinas and pastures, up to the highest point of the Trieste Carso (334 m ascent). With views spanning from the sea to Slovenia. Lunch at leisure (packed or at the M. Cocusso lodge). Return via a different route to Basovizza.
Meeting venue: 9.10 start of the Ressel trail, Basovizza. Bus n. 39 from Trieste.
GPS: 45°38'42.2"N 13°51'45.8"E