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Alinari Image Museum

The emotions of photography in a hi-tech environment, to experience in first person the passage "from photograph to image".
It is not so much a museum of photography, but an image museum, created by the oldest photography company in the world, Alinari.

A museum that can be enjoyed as a large laboratory in which images express themselves on different levels, through projections, digital elaborations, videos and hypertextual content, where technology is not used to amaze, but accompanies visitors in a new image dimension, using contemporary languages such as multimediality and infographics.

High resolution screens, video projectors, immersive glasses, hardware equipment, all destined to evolve and be updated over time, is found side by side with traditional prints and objects from a recent past.
The Museum comprises three main sections, which can be enjoyed traditionally, interactively or in immersive mode.

One section is dedicated to analogue photography, and more precisely to traditional printed photographs.

An educational corridor features displays and interactive workstations to offer multimediatic educational content, where photography turns into videos, interaction, 3D. The corridor ends with a little 3D cinema, which offers a three-dimensional visit of Trieste - created by Arsenal, an Area Science Park company - and has a workstation, the Alinari Archives, where students and enthusiasts can access the database containing 50,000 high-resolution images, searchable through 80 classes and 8,000 keywords, in Italian and English, or see past AIM exhibitions, now ended but still enjoyable from the in-house library.

Through the corridor, visitors reach the heart of the museum, the digital temporary exhibition, an immersive space where images and scenography can be viewed or projected, and visitors can immerse themselves in the topic of the exhibition and enjoy, just like in a cinema of images, hundreds of artistic images.
Alinari Image Museum
Castello di San Giusto di Trieste
piazza della Cattedrale 3

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Guided tours
On request:
tel. +39 040 305133

6€ full price (includes ticket to visit the Castle walls)
5€ reduced price (includes ticket to visit the Castle walls)

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