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La piccola bottega spiritosa di Piolo e Max

Home-made liquors made from top quality natural raw materials following classic infusion methods or traditional recipes.
Now Piolo and Max's famous artisanal grappas can be found in Via Felice Venezian. "Piccolo Liquorificio Artigianale in Trieste Piolo & Max" was founded in 2002, but initially its liquors were sold mostly to friends. Little by little, as the news spread, requests grew and Piolo and Max started using a van to deliver their creations to more than 300 restaurants.

In 2014 Piolo and Max opened "La piccola bottega spiritosa di Piolo & Max", the official place to taste and buy all their artisanal products: from wine based liquors, such as DivinTerrano and Liquorefosco, to infused and fruit liquors and the herbal Amaro "Trieste".
La piccola bottega spiritosa di Piolo e Max
via Felice Venezian 11
tel. +390402460223

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