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Imperial destinies

In search of Napoleon in Trieste
 If you have a keen interest in French history and culture and would like to learn about the presence of Napoleon, his family and the French in the territory of modern Friuli Venezia Giulia during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the Imperial Destinies project is for you.

Imperial Destinies is an internet platform where you can find information on all of the events, places and figures that left a mark on this region, and Trieste in particular.
Theme tours
 You can discover interesting facts that will take you back in time or that still have an impact on the present.

Topics include buildings, villas, castles, churches, museums and theatres that tell the tale of Trieste and the French during the Napoleonic era.

The Followers of Napoleon section (Sezione Napoleonidi) discusses how the faithful subjects of the deposed French monarchy arrived in Trieste, followed by Napoleon's soldiers and finally his exiled followers. If you are unaware of the destiny of Napoleon's sisters in Trieste, who were exiles in the city and leaders of its cultural life, you can discover the whole story.

Finally, do you know how many writers, musicians and merchants have passed through Trieste? How many artists have painted Trieste and how many writers have described the city in their novels? Have you heard the legend of Fouché's overturned coffin?

All of these stories, tales and anecdotes are available at