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Trieste Itinerante: San Giusto Hill

Experimental project proposed by the city of Trieste and the University of Trieste: Red route

The route begins at Unità d'Italia Square, passes all of the most important sights in the old town, continues to the top of San Giusto Hill - where the Roman city of Tergeste was first settled - and returns to the starting point via a different path.
San Giusto Hill
Colle di San Giusto
The route begins at Unità d'Italia Square, wanders amidst the narrow streets of the medieval city and climbs gradually along the perimeter of the ancient walls to San Giusto Hill.
Along the way, take time to visit the Oriental Art Museum, which has a unique collection of Japanese graphic art (including Hokusai's famous Wave) and Samurai armours.
itinerario rosso
The route includes a wide variety of points of interest, for example medieval vestiges like the Arch of Riccardo and places of worship like the Church of San Silvestro (the oldest in the city) and the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Maggiore. There are also museums like the Museum of History and Art and the Lapidary Garden, with collections from Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Magna Graecia, and Etruria, as well as a small group of Mayan ceramics from El Salvador. The route finally reaches San Giusto Hill, where you can admire the San Giusto Cathedral and the medieval San Giusto Castle, as well as the remains of the Roman propylaea and basilica (ancient vestiges of Roman Tergeste) and enjoy the splendid view of the city and the gulf.
The route does not end here, but rather takes you back to the starting point in Unità Square. After descending past Tor Cucherna (the remains of one of the city's ancient walls) and the must-see Roman Theatre, the path enters the Ghetto, going through narrow streets with antiques shops and second-hand stores, and finally returns to Unità Square.