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DoubleRoom arti visive

DoubleRoom arti visive is a space in the city for cultural debate that aims to spark urban regeneration, from grassroots participation to a common culture.
DoubleRoom is located in a place where alcohol was once sold, in a former suburban area of Trieste where a large number of newcomers used to live. It is an open space having several levels.

The two rooms facing the street are for exhibitions, while the lower level facing a large interior courtyard filled with natural light is used for producing art.

Since 2012, DoubleRoom has been the headquarters of Gruppo78 international contemporary art.
Since 2013, DoubleRoom has housed the historical archive of Gruppo78's work.
Since 2014, DoubleRoom has hosted young artists in residence.

DoubleRoom arti visive
via Canova 9
34129 Trieste

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