The city of coffee

Trieste loves sweets & coffee

Would you like a coffee?

Put yourself to the test and order a coffee like a local!
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Vuoi un caffè?
Ordering coffee is an art form in Trieste!
You can choose a "capo in B" or a "macchiato" (espresso with a splash of frothed milk) and many other types of coffee! Need help? Read our guide on how to order a coffee in Trieste.

If you would like to try a "caffè gocciato" or "goccia" and immerse yourself in Trieste's historic cafes, you can buy the "Trieste in tazzina" (Trieste in a cup) card. The card lets you enjoy six coffees at a special price at the city's top cafes.
And with coffee?
And with coffee?
A typical Trieste dessert! :-)

Presnitz, putizza, pinza, teresiane are the most characteristic sweets of Trieste, those that are born from ancient recipes, jealously guarded traditions, and many small confectioners.

You can also taste these flavors!
Where can you buy it and how does it work?
The card is available at the Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourism Information Points, located in Trieste at Via dell'Orologio 3, at the corner of Piazza Unità 4/b and in hotels.

Cost 5 € including the consumption of 6 coffees in historic cafés participating in the initiative.

For more information on how to use the card and to find out the participating cafes, download the brochure (PDF, 7,7 MB).