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Trieste, the city of coffee
Trieste, la città del caffè
Trieste was one of the first cities in Europe with a popular habit of drinking coffee, a Turkish custom that the Austrians spread throughout the Hapsburg Empire. Since then, the inseparable combination of Trieste and coffee has become more important with the opening of the first coffee shops, family-run coffee roasting businesses and popular literary cafes, steeped in history, where writers and artists such as Umberto Saba, James Joyce and Italo Svevo hang out.

Coffee has become such an important part of Trieste's culture that you need to use a specific language when ordering one at a coffee bar.

Follow us in the multi-sensory experience to discover coffee, the Italian drink par excellence.

(the tour includes a tasting and is associated with Trieste Loves Sweets&Coffee pass)
Discovering artisan workshops - From 22 June to 26 October 2019
andare per botteghe
Trieste is not only a city of coffee, a port of culture and a literary stage but also a city of crafts.
As of this summer, craftsmen will be opening the doors of their shops and will take you on a journey to discover their creations, including fabrics, paper, lamps, wood, leather and much more.

An alternative tour in the heart of the city will allow visitors to discover places, sometimes hidden, of creativity.

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Magical Miramare
La magia di Miramare
Almost immersed in the blue of the Adriatic Sea, Miramare Castle looks like a classic fairytale castle, with its white exterior, crenellated towers and large grounds. With its overwhelming romantic atmosphere, this promontory overlooking the endless horizon conceals the secrets of a love story: the intense and tragic love of Maximilian of Habsburg, brother of the Emperor of Austria, for his wife, princess Charlotte of Belgium.

We will accompany you on this journey back in time among beautifully furnished rooms and breathtaking views of the sea: you will fall in love with it.
Mosaic of cultures: the multi-religious heart of Trieste
Mosaico di culture: Trieste multireligiosa
One of the characteristics of Trieste is its cosmopolitan nature: its history is a clear example. The free port was established in 1719, and the city then embraced all ethnic and religious minorities that wanted to settle there.

This tour will take you to see the many communities that have settled in Trieste and enriched the heart of the city.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire called the non-Catholic communities many small "nations". Over the years, they have made roots, developed, changed and successfully built and rebuilt new relations, giving rise to a happy atmosphere, where diversity has become a sign of peaceful co-existence.
Discover Trieste
Enter into the heart of the most cosmopolitan city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region: Trieste, from a thousand glimpses embellished by the coloured nuances of the Adriatic sea, will little by little reveal its most beautiful corners thanks to these guided tours with which you will dive into the unique atmosphere of a centre decorated with neo-classical buildings, that are art nouveau and eclectic, where Roman ruins and buildings of the Hapsburg period cohabit harmoniously.

You will discover enchanting places full of art and culture, and where religions, knowledge, science and literature meet.

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Writers' Trieste, from James Joyce to Veit Heinichen
Trieste d'autore, da James Joyce a Veit Heinichen
"My city, which is alive everywhere, has a nook made for me, for my pensive and reclusive life": do you know who wrote these eternal words? And who passionately said, "my soul is in Trieste"… we will tell you on this tour following in the footsteps of three great writers, Umberto Saba, James Joyce and Italo Svevo and, in more recent times Veit Heinichen. They all chose Trieste as the protagonist of their works or as a place in which to live.

You will discover anecdotes and interesting facts. We will show you their favourite haunts and if you follow us, you will also have an opportunity to meet them ....... let yourselves be carried away by the charm of great writers and see the city from a new perspective. With the writers' eyes.

ITINERARY: Piazza Unità, Cavana, Piazza Hortis, statue of Svevo, Piazza della Borsa, Via Cassa di Risparmio, Canal grande, statue of Joyce, S. Antonio, Piazza S. Giovanni, Via S. Lazzaro, Piazza Repubblica, Via Dante, Saba's statue and library, roman theatre, Jewish history ghetto, Piazza Unità
Trieste Walking Tour
Trieste Walking Tour
Would you like to manage your time on your own and in total freedom? With an audio guide you will discover the most beautiful places of this charming seaside city of art and culture. There are 22 stages: you can linger in all of them or just in those which inspire you the most.

Self-guided walking tours are available all year round excluding 25 December and 1 January.

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