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Udevalla ice cream shop

This small artisanal ice cream shop is located on Strada di Rozzol, outside the historic centre but well worth a detour. 
This small ice cream shop is a true surprise - one of those hidden gems that is off the tourist path, but very popular among the residents of Trieste. Opened in 1989 in the periphery area of Rozzol, it offers truly exceptional ice cream. 

Ice cream-maker Fabio personally selects the best products at the market and does not use any ready-made bases.  

Only fresh seasonal fruit is used for the fruit flavours, while the cream flavours are made with Valhrona chocolate, PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, Sicilian almonds from Noto, "Smeraraldo" pistachios from Bronte and only natural vanilla. The shop also has semifreddos (semi-frozen desserts) of all types, ice cream cakes and pastries for any occasion.
Gelateria Udevalla
strada di Rozzol 117
34139 Trieste
tel. +39 040 912887

Chiuso martedì e mercoledì 

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