Where to eat and drink

Cuisine of Trieste

Trieste is a city where many different influences come together, a place whose history can be "read" by tasting its most traditional dishes.
Since the eighteenth century, different peoples and cultures have migrated to the city, resulting in a unique mixture of flavours and tastes that beautifully combines Mediterranean and Central European cuisines.
The existing traditions of Friuli and the Slovenian hinterland mixed and merged with those brought by Austrians, Slovakians, Hungarians, Bohemians and Ashkenazi Jews, the traditions of the Middle East, Slavonia, Serbia and Asia Minor, and influences from Istrian, Dalmatian, Greek and Sephardic Jewish dishes. After the region was annexed to Italy in 1918, a preponderance of exquisitely Mediterranean flavours and traditions such as pasta and pizza was added.  
  • Vecio Buffet Marascutti Vecio Buffet Marascutti Founded in 1914, this is one of the oldest buffets in Trieste. But be careful - once you have tried it, you won't be able to keep away.  read more >
  • Buffet Siora Rosa Buffet Siora Rosa The legendary "Siora Rosa" has been replaced in the kitchen, but have no fear - Rosa still watches over this historic buffet from a portrait on the dining room wall.  read more >
  • Trattoria Da Giovanni Trattoria Da Giovanni The spirit and tradition of Trieste meet in the atmosphere of one of the city's oldest restaurants. Established in 1961, Trattoria da Giovanni brings together 50 years of culinary history with typical recipes and authentic cuisine straight from ... read more >
  • Osteria da Marino Osteria da Marino Osteria da Marino is a small establishment, with barrels and interesting objects on the walls giving it a warm, rustic feel.   read more >
  • Buffet Bier Stube Buffet Bier Stube Beautifully decorated in wood, Bier Stube Trieste is a small restaurant in the centre of the city that opens in the evening.  read more >
  • Buffet birreria Rudy Buffet birreria Rudy A pub that serves traditional boiled pork dishes typical of Trieste, as well as Bavarian specialities.  read more >
  • Al Petes Al Petes A pub serving traditional local cuisine in historic Trieste.  read more >
  • Antica Trattoria Suban Antica Trattoria Suban A restaurant that originated in a game of chance - in 1895, Giovanni Suban laid the first stone of the establishment now known as Antica Trattoria Suban after winning the Vienna lottery with five lucky numbers. It serves excellent dishes prepare... read more >
  • Buffet da Pepi Buffet da Pepi Well-known in Trieste and further afield, this restaurant is a must for those passing through the city or looking to revive themselves with a good lunch.  read more >