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Our guide to Trieste nightlife

Some suggestions from Roberto
The nightclub that has brought the biggest international names in House music to Trieste is the highlight of the Trieste club scene.
The club is usually located at the Ausonia bathing facility, but for bigger events moves to pier 4.
Trash Night
Trash Night
The Trash is the essence of evening entertainment, fun in its purest, most basic form.
No attitude allowed: people go to Trash Night with a clear head and a desire to party and be themselves.
If you want to bring tears to your eyes singing Masini at the top of your lungs, this is the place for you.
Round Midnight
Round Midnight
Round Midnight is just what you imagine a jazz club to be - small, dark, nocturnal.
It offers a full calendar of live music and DJ sets that range from Hip Hop to Jazz, as well as "intelligent" Electronica.

Roberto Ljsiak