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Trieste and the Cinema : the city of festivals

Over time, from this same group of historic founders, many other independent enterprises arose: Cinema Ariston, Teatro Miela and some of the city's international film festivals.
Trieste and the Cinema : the city of festivals
Trieste Film Festival (originally Alpe Adria Cinema), currently co-directed by Nicoletta Romeo and Fabrizio Grosoli, is the most important Italian festival devoted to Central and Eastern European film and is held each year in mid-January. It was held for the first time in 1987, during a period of important changes in which the free circulation of ideas was hindered by cultural, economic and political divisions between the Western and Eastern Blocs. Since then, the world has radically changed, but the event adapted to interpret the transformations, promoting films that are often unknown to the Italian public and uncovering new talent and important figures from the past.
This is just the first festival in the Trieste film season, which includes at least four more important events in the following months.

In 2000 Science + Fiction rose from the ashes of the former Science Fiction Festival and, within a few years, became one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe. In just over ten years, it has brought to Trieste such notable figures as: George A. Romero, Sir Christopher Lee, Roger Corman, Dario Argento, John Landis (director of The Blues Brothers), Christiane Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, the dear departed Moebius and Enki Bilal, Joe Dante, Carlo Rambaldi (creator of E.T.), Pupi Avati and Lamberto Bava.

The international ShorTS Film Festival (originally Maremetraggio was also established in 2000. This summer festival includes a selection of the best international short films and some of the most interesting early works of Italian filmmakers. Just two years later, Sergio Germani offered his guidance in exploring the thousands of possible paths to rediscover cinema of the past, with the 1000 (o)cchi International Film and Arts Festival held each September.

Finally, the Latin American Film Festival, organized by the APCLAI (Association for the Promotion of Latin American Culture in Italy), has promoted Central and South American films since 1990.
So, if you think about the cinematic offerings in Giulia combined with those in the surrounding area, which include equally important events like the FilmForum Festival (Udine and Gorizia), the Sergio Amidei International Award for Best Screenplay (Gorizia), the Far East Film Festival (Udine) and the Silent Film Festival (Pordenone), you can see why it is not strictly necessary to move far away to have a career in film.