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The Civic Botanical Garden (Civico Orto Botanico) is divided into different sections and is connected with a natural reserve composed of the Biasoletto and Farneto woods (90 hectares total).
Orto Botanico
Over the years, the Botanical Garden has played an increasingly important role as a centre for education and recreation, and is also a natural cornerstone in the relationship between scientific research and environmental conservation, reflecting its ability to offer cultural activities to a growing portion of the population.

The Trieste Botanical Garden is a man-made "island" of plant diversity, where the activities of conservation, cultivation and reproduction allow visitors to admire medicinal, textile and food plants, local horticultural varieties, wild flora endemic to the region and adjacent areas, aquatic and marsh plants, and succulents.
One of the main activities is education. It holds experimental programmes for the disabled, for schools and visitors, provides Braille versions of the information sheets for the garden's different sections and also offers gardening courses.

Interesting fact: Each year, the Trieste Botanical Garden publishes the Index Seminum, which lists the species that are available as seeds with full seed collection data. The list is sent to many other botanical gardens around the world, for free exchange among scientific institutes.
Group booking
The group leader must ensure interpersonal distancing of at least one meter between members, except for cohabiting groups.
In consideration of the organization of the spaces of the individual museum structures, the composition of each group is allowed:

in the maximum number of 15 people for the Revoltella Museum, the Winckelmann Museum of Antiquities, the War Museum for Peace "Diego de Henriquez", the Risiera di San Sabba-National Monument, the Castle of San Giusto - Armeria and Lapidario Tergestino to the Lalio Bastion, Civico Museo del Mare - Sezione Lloyd al Magazzino 26, Orto Botanico;

in the maximum number of 10 people for the "Carlo Schmidl" Theater Museum, the Sartorio Museum, the Museum of Oriental Art, the Museum of the Risorgimento and the Oberdan Memorial, the Documentation Center of the Foiba di Basovizza, the Museum of Natural History;

in the maximum number of 5 people for the Swabian Museum, the Joyce Museum, the Petrarchesco-Piccolomineo Museum.

Reservations (max 1 group every 15 minutes) can be made from the home page of the single Museum which directs interested parties to the Midaticket portal; to the e-mail address of the individual Museum; by calling the Museum directly during opening hours.
Civico Museo d'Antichità J. J. Winckelmann - - Tel. +39 040 310500 (tuesday-friday 10am-5pm, monday closed)

Civico Museo Sartorio - - Tel. +39 040 675 9321 (thursday-friday 10am-5pm)

Civico Museo d'Arte Orientale - Tel. +39 040 322 0736 (thursday-friday 10am-5pm)

Civico Orto Botanico - - Tel. 040 360068 (monday > friday 9-1pm)

Museo del Mare Magazzino 26 - +39 345 7159132
Orto Botanico (Civic Botanical Garden)
via Marchesetti 2
tel. / fax +39 040 360068
cell. +39 3486393055

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