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Tram di Opicina

(Opicina Tram)

The Opicina Tram, the "Tram de Opcina" in Triestine dialect, is a symbol of Trieste.
The service is suspended.

Tram di Opicina
This one-of-a-kind tram has been in operation in Trieste since 9 September 1902, connecting the centre of Trieste with Opicina, in the Karst plateau.
If you want to take an enjoyable trip outside the city, travelling a beautiful, panoramic route, take the tram - you won't regret it!
We recommend getting off the tram at the Francesco I d'Austria Obelisk and taking a lovely walk along the Strada Napoleonica (Napoleonic Way).
The tram takes you up a steep slope pushed by engine cars that also brake the descent by means of a funicular railway system.
The route is about 5 km long, with an altitude change of 329 metres and a maximum incline of 26%. 
Interesting fact
Everyone in Trieste knows "El tram de Opcina", one of the most famous songs from Trieste.
The verses cheerfully recount a real event that happened on 10 October 1902, when the tram's engine car derailed due to a brake failure.

Il tram di Opicina  - (Opicina Tram)

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