Trieste: city of the sea

Bagno da Sticco

 Located near Miramare Castle, the facility was built in 1955 by Antonio Sticco. Its proximity to the protected marine reserve ensures clean water and a wealth of marine life.
Bagno da Sticco
As stated on the facility's website "The main characteristics of the facility can be summed up in two words - cleanliness and tranquillity, combined with a sort of "gentlemen's agreement" between regular customers and the courteous staff.

With its "meditation rock", reading area, 1950s bathing huts, wide white walled spaces and small beach visited by mothers and children, the facility offers something for every age group while maintaining its main characteristics".

rom 1st June to 30 September, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. Closing times may vary due to events.

Bagno da Sticco
viale Miramare 90
tel. +39 040 064 5841


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