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Mount Cocusso

Mount Cocusso, known also as Mount Concusso (Kokoš, Ozeg, Velika Groblja in Slovenian), is the highest summit on the Karst plateau, at the extreme east of Italy.
Monte Concusso
It has three peaks from south to north, with altitudes of 662, 667 and 672 metres respectively, the final one located in Slovenia. The normal route leads to the southern sub-peak, marked by an enormous pile of stones forming a Bronze Age grave mound.

To get to the trail, go to the small Church of Santa Maria Vergine in the village of Pesek, where there is a convenient car park. Trail No. 28 begins next to the church.
The trail climbs slowly, surrounded by woods until arriving in the clearing at the top, where you can admire the mound of stones and the view that opens before you.

Enjoy the view - it is one of the best in the Karst plateau, stretching from Istria to the Julian Alps.

To descend, take the slope opposite the side you climbed up and follow the trail that enters the woods on the west side of the ridge.
This leads to a small col at the foot of Cocusso's 672 m peak, intersecting with the mule track marked 3-28 that connects the villages of Basovizza and Grozzana.
After descending further, you arrive at the Planinska Koča na Kokoši mountain hut (674 m), a former border post on Mount Jirmanec, open all year on weekends.
Then turn onto the dirt road and continue towards the southeast through the fields until reaching the first houses of the village of Grozzana (492 m). Follow the paved road that heads south. After about 1 km, you will reach the car park.

Monte Concusso

località Basovizza