Where to eat and drink

Where to eat fish

  • Chimerina Chimerina A cosy wine bar in the heart of Trieste
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  • Arcoriccardo Ristorante Arcoriccardo Ristorante This restaurant is located next to the Roman arch, near Unità Square, in the historic centre of Trieste.  read more >
  • Joia Joia Set in the heart of Trieste, Joia is a restaurant-grill, as well as a lounge bar.  read more >
  • La bottega di Trimalcione La bottega di Trimalcione Located inside of the historic centre of Trieste, La Bottega di Trimalcione. The owner, Walter Zacchi, can prepare custom dishes, and sometimes entertains customers with renderings of opera ballads and readings from Dante. read more >
  • Puro Puro A modern restaurant-bistro with a social twist; ideal to eat in the company of friends or enjoy a quiet meal at Puro Plus.
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  • Al Bagatto Al Bagatto Al Bagatto restaurant is located in a strategic position near Unità Square and the shore. read more >
  • Chimera di bacco Chimera di bacco You will find Chimera di Bacco in a little street of Trieste's Ghetto, next to Piazza Unità
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  • Antica ghiacceretta Antica ghiacceretta A restaurant that serves seafood dishes in a festive atmosphere. read more >
  • Ristorante Ai Fiori Ristorante Ai Fiori A fish restaurant established in the 1960s, it owes its name (which means "Restaurant of Flowers") to the fact that at that time Trieste's artists exhibited their floral paintings here. read more >
  • Hostaria Malcanton Hostaria Malcanton Just a few steps from Piazza Unità, boasting an informal and welcoming ambience.
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  • Principe di Metternich Principe di Metternich A particularly evocative location set amid greenery, overlooking the Gulf and its boats read more >