Where to eat and drink

Where to eat meat

  • Pub Skala Gropada Pub Skala Gropada Pub Skala Gropada is located in the Casa di Cultura - Kulturni Dom complex in Gropada.
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  • Dardo Rosso Dardo Rosso Delicious, premium quality cuts served in compact surroundings, with outdoor dining possible in the summer. read more >
  • Hostaria Strehler Hostaria Strehler Hostaria Strehler is located opposite Rossetti Theatre's exit.
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  • C'era una volta C'era una volta Located near Nereo Rocco stadium, in the Valmaura area.  read more >
  • Golden Horse Golden Horse The Golden Horse pub opened in the spring of 1996.  read more >
  • 040 social food 040 SocialFood Located in Borgo Teresiano, on the bank of the Grand Canal (Via Rossini side), 040 Social Food is a recently-opened fast food restaurant that uses the finest ingredients. read more >
  • Al Toscano Al Toscano The site of the Al Toscano restaurant dates from 1870, as stated on the stone lintel above the entrance. read more >
  • Osteria Marise Osteria Marise An "osteria" with a cosy setting, Marise is devoted to the flavours and aromas of the past. read more >