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Morpurgo Museum

On the second floor of a majestic building that was constructed in 1875 following the designs of Giovanni Berlam and commissioned by the brothers Carlo Marco and Giacomo Morpurgo, there is a flat of approximately 600 m2 that Mario Morpurgo de Nilma donated to the City of Trieste so that it could be converted into a museum.
Museo Morpurgo
The lavish furnishings reflect the eclectic taste of the second half of the nineteenth century.

The demanding pace of society life is evinced by the large number of drawing rooms. Although each has a different style and colour, there is coherence in the inlaid wood floors, the ceilings, the stucco mouldings, the French lace curtains and the lines of the furniture.

A unique, intact example of the lifestyle of Trieste's new entrepreneurial class.

On the floor below it is possible to visit the Civic Museum of National History
Museum closure
The following museums cannot be visited at the moment, as they are affected by redevelopment, rearrangement or transfer:

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- Molo Pescheria, 2 / Riva Nazario Sauro, 1
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Museo Morpurgo (Morpurgo Museum)
via Imbriani, 5
tel. +39 040 6754039

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