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Miramare Marine Nature Reserve

Located in the Gulf of Trieste, the Miramare Marine Nature Reserve extends around the Miramare promontory, where the castle and park of the same name are found
Created in 1973, it was established by a Ministry of the Environment decree in 1986, thus becoming the first marine park in Italy.

Consisting of thirty hectares of sea, the reserve's three environments (tidal zone, reef zone and sandy/muddy floor) are home to a rich diversity of fauna.

Throughout the year, the WWF-managed visitor centre organizes guided tours, sea-watching classes and many other activities to help adults and children discover the magical world of the sea!

The area and the entire Gulf of Trieste are a habitat for sea turtles and cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc.) that emerge from time to time; if you are lucky, you may even see them jump!

Fishing has been prohibited in the Miramare Marine Reserve for more than thirty years. In addition, underwater activities, bathing, and the transit and anchoring of any type of boat are prohibited.

We rely on you to help us protect the reserve!

Area Marina di Miramare (Miramare Marine Nature Reserve)
viale Miramare, 349

Visitor Center c / o Old Stables of Miramare

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