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Miramare Marine Nature Reserve

Located in the Gulf of Trieste, the Miramare Marine Nature Reserve extends around the Miramare promontory, where the Miramare castle and park are found.
It was created 1973, and was officially established by a Ministry of the Environment decree in 1986, becoming the first marine park in Italy.

Thirty hectares of sea
with full protection are surrounded by 90 hectares where professional fishing is banned and a rich biodiversity lives undisturbed.

Management of the Reserve has always been entrusted to WWF Italy, which maintains year-round opening of
the immersive museum dedicated to marine biodiversity, educational activities with schools of all levels, and sea-based summer dissemination activities suitable for all, including sea watching - snorkelling with expert guides to discover and observe the wonderful underwater life of Miramare.

The reserve and the entire Gulf of Trieste are home to sea turtles and cetaceans that may make an appearance if your luck is in!

Please Note:
Fishing in the Miramare Marine Nature Reserve, where the perimeter is clearly signalled with yellow buoys, has been prohibited for over thirty years, as is diving, swimming, and the passage and anchoring of boats.

We rely on you to help us protect it!

If you would like to visit it, contact the staff and book a guided tour!
Area Marina di Miramare (Miramare Marine Nature Reserve)
viale Miramare, 349

Visitor Center c / o Old Stables of Miramare

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