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Svevo Museum

Dedicated to the Trieste writer Italo Svevo, the pseudonym of Ettore Schmitz, the Svevo Museum contains mementos of the novelist that survived the bombing of his villa, in 1945. 
Museo Sveviano
Among them were his mobile-library, containing some personal volumes, his gold pen, his violin, his archive containing the original manuscripts of his stories, essays and plays, family photographs, his correspondence with the likes of Joyce, Montale, André Gide, Prezzolini, Comisso, and hundreds of letters to his wife Livia Veneziani.
The Museum also houses a library that is constantly updated with new editions of Svevo's works and contains the world's largest collection of literary critiques of Svevo. In addition, the Museum actively promotes Svevo's work by planning and organizing various activities and events, and on December 19th of each year it celebrates the anniversary of the writer's birth with an event entitled "Happy Birthday Svevo". 
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Il Comune di Trieste informa che, in attuazione del DPCM dd. 03.11.2020, da venerdì 6 novembre a giovedì 3 dicembre «sono sospesi le mostre e i servizi di apertura al pubblico dei musei e degli altri istituti e luoghi della cultura di cui all'articolo 101 del codice dei beni culturali e del paesaggio, di cui al decreto legislativo 22 gennaio 2004, n. 42».

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Museo Sveviano (Svevo Museum)
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